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Python Play on Pi Minecraft

I’m posting this as much for me as anyone else. I had a play with Pi Minecraft last week using the resources linked from: Hopefully will use it at some stage this year!


Our only hope is You!

Enjoy. You can buy it here. ]   [Based on Romans 3:9-26] VERSE 1    Our mouths were open gravesFull of broken vows we madeOur hearts ran wildOur tongues could not be tamedVERSE 2 What darkness had concealedYour law has now revealedOur guilt was greatOur bitter fate was sealedCHORUS 1 Our only hopeOur only hope […]


Don’t Worry Be Happy

A friend posted this as a tribute to Robin Williams but I’ just re-posting it because it makes me smile. Enjoy! ]

Classroom Posters

I like to share and here you can download posters I've made/collected for my classroom.

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I sometimes post techy stuff because I forget what I've done.

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Music I like

I sometimes share songs and videos I like.

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